Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks are simply disgusting, especially for you dog! They are parasites, which mean they live off of another organism. In this case both fleas and ticks bite the dog and sucks its blood! They leave behind “dirt” which is really just their dropping. These organisms can spread rather quickly and ultimately become a serious problem.

If your dog has fleas then it is time to take immediate action! You must wash your dog thoroughly with flea shampoo and use a flea medication on your dog. Then take up all the bedding and wash it. Finally, you must vaccuum your entire house to make sure that there are no more fleas (let your inner OCD out!). You can call you local vet and ask which flea medication is working the best at that specific time.

If  you dog has ticks, it may not be a serious as having fleas. The tick probably came from either tall grasses or a wooded area. There are a couple things that you could do about it. You could call your vet and have them remove the tick and check for any diseases that the tick may have transmitted to the the dog (Like Lymes Disease, see Common Illnesses for more information). The other option would be for you to pull it, but note, if you do not remove the head, it will remain implanted in the dog’s skin and have to be dug out. This can cause more complications than if you just went to the vet the first time. You can follow up with the flea and tick medicine that your vet tells you is currently deterring ticks the best.

This creepy crawlies may become a serious problem if left alone. It is best to handle the issue as soon as you discover the organisms.


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